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Hudaco Industries is a South African group specialising in the importation and distribution of a broad range of high-quality, branded automotive, industrial and electronic consumable products, mainly in the southern African region. Its businesses fall into the following categories:

Consumer-related products

Supplied to markets with a bias towards consumer spending and generally sold to installers

  • Automotive aftermarket products
  • Power tools and fasteners
  • Data networking equipment
  • Security and communication equipment
  • Gas and outdoor products
  • Batteries and sustainable energy products

Engineering consumables

Products generally used in the maintenance of machines and sold mainly to mining and manufacturing customers

  • Bearings, belting and power transmission
  • Diesel engines and spares
  • Electrical power transmission
  • Filtration
  • Fire detection, containment and suppression
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Specialised steel 
  • Thermoplastic pipes, fittings and equipment

Hudaco sources branded products, mainly on an exclusive basis, directly from leading international manufacturers and to a lesser extent from local manufacturers. Hudaco seeks out niche areas in markets where customers need, and are prepared to pay for, the value Hudaco adds to the products it distributes.

The value added includes product specification, technical advice, application and installation training and troubleshooting, combined with ready availability at a fair price. The group has a network of specialised branches and independent distributors throughout southern Africa to ensure product availability to its customers.

Hudaco’s black employees are its BEE partners and have a 15% equity interest in all Hudaco businesses, except for DD Power, in which Deutz AG has a 30% share.


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